Making Sense of Your Worth

I am so excited to be able to offer this amazing curriculum! Thank you Cindy Lee, LCSW and the Halo Project for allowing me to train as a facilitator (and for making me a better parent and therapist in the process!)

Below is a description of this amazing curriculum from the Halo Project and author Cindy Lee, LCSW.

Throughout the course of our work we have discovered there is a missing piece to helping individuals heal from the negative hurtful events they were exposed to throughout their lives. Individuals may have made sense of the events on a cognitive level and even on an emotional level but have not yet taken the journey to understand how these life events (both big and small) have impacted their positive self-worth.

In addition, when caregivers learn about their personal attachment style, they often seek answers in how to change it. Before now, a curriculum or guide to help them do this did not exist. Now we have it, and it is an amazing step-by-step program for helping adults gain secure attachment. In addition, caregivers with their own trauma histories also have a difficult time meeting the needs of the children in their home because their own histories get in the way. This program helps adults overcome their own painful pasts so they can be free to be the caregiver they desire to be, the spouse they desire to be, the friend they desire to be and even the person they want to be in their profession.

This program is designed for any individual desiring to obtain positive self-worth or secure attachment. Participants will go through a series of sessions in a group format designed to help them understand how the events in their lives have contributed to low self-worth. The classes focus on developing an understanding of the “lies” an individual believes about themselves, such as “I am not good enough,” or “I am not smart enough,” or “I have no patience” and how to replace these lies with truth. In addition, once a participant is released from the beliefs associated with the past, the sessions focus on rebuilding a new life based on positive self-worth as well as how to maintain these gains.

The program is comprised of 8 sessions lasting 2 hours in duration. We have day time and evening sessions available. Class size is generally no larger than 12 participants. We offer men’s classes and women’s classes, as well as a faith-based bible study called Anchored. Virtual classes are being offered as well.

The cost of this program is $45 per session. There are 8 two hour sessions with each session being once a week. Discount available if paid in full prior to first session. If the cost is prohibitive to your participation, some scholarships are available. Please, just let us know.

To sign up for this program, email You can also call or text 315-758-0587.

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