What We Do

You are not alone. There is hope and help is available. At Connected Treasures people are our passion.

In all of our work, whether that is helping transition an aging parent to long term care, supporting you through grief and loss, or coaching to prevent hospitalization, you can be sure of compassion, knowledge, and respect.

Intensive Family Services

  • It is my privilege to work with children and families together and individually. We begin with an assessment completed by telephone.
  • This will last about 90 minutes. Following the assessment, sessions can occur in the home or one of our offices, and are generally 50 minutes in length, unless prior arrangements are made.
  • I recommend at least 12 sessions to complete an introduction of each of the components of TBRI
  • Every client, whether as part of a family or unit, or an individual, creates their own unique goals and is empowered to take the lead on their journey to healing.


  • Sometimes families need a little help communicating with other professionals about their child’s unique needs.
  • I am happy to meet with you to help understand the needs of your child in a particular environment.
  • I am also available to participate as part of a medical or school team, or to attend just a meeting or two.


As much as I adore working with families and seeing relationships change before my eyes, I am absolutely passionate about teaching other helping professions to use TBRI. Training in the implementation and use of TBRI is available to groups of foster and/or adoptive parents, teachers, counselors, mental health professionals, occupational therapists, physicians, church volunteers, anyone who wants to have a positive, lasting impact on “children from hard places,” anyone who wants to alter the trajectory of a child’s life and place them on a path to healthy adulthood. Other trainings include: Adverse Childhood Experiences, Trauma Informed Care, Nutrition for the Struggling Child, Parenting for Positive Self Worth and more


  • Perhaps you have been using TBRI for awhile but feel “stuck” in a repeating situation. Or, maybe you need a refresher.
  • Are you wondering if TBRI is the right therapeutic model for a child?
  • Are you a professional wanting to add to your toolbox?
  • Let’s talk it over.

Nurture and Sensory Groups

I will lead a support group for children, parents, or workers. I can stop in to a group as a guest speaker. Evidence has shown that there are four key abilities required for a person to achieve intimacy (a cornerstone of healthy relationships). These are: the ability to seek care, the ability to give care, the ability to feel comfortable with an autonomous self, and the ability to negotiate needs. (Cassidy, 2001). One way to build these key skills is through TBRI Nurture groups. Children from hard places commonly experience sensory integration challenges. Sensory groups are an excellent way to build connection between caregivers and children. Let me do the heavy lifting and you enjoy the fun while you observe your child blossom.

Cassidy, J. (2001). Truth, lies, and intimacy: An attachment perspective. Attachment & Human Development,3(2), 121-155. doi:10.1080/14616730126482